How to Make Your Own Blackout Curtains

Whether you want to enhance your television viewing experience or darken your room for a good night’s rest, blackout curtains make a great addition to any room. However, purchasing premade curtains can be expensive depending on the size and number of curtains that you need. Why not make your own?

Steps for making your own blackout curtains:

1. If you already have curtains, you can use these as your base. Otherwise, you will need to purchase a few (more…)

The Top Consumer Rated Green Vehicles

Green vehicles are beneficial because they help you to save a ton of money in the long run. If your car is not good on gas, you might find that it is difficult for you to afford to drive over a period of time. Gas is incredibly expensive and it can be extremely costly after awhile if you have to travel a lot with your family or for work. Buying a green vehicle will help because you will not have to buy a lot (more…)

Keep Your Business Cool and Green

One of the most important ways to show your concern for the environment is to emphasize conservation. While renewable resources aren’t always tied to heating and cooling systems, it’s possible to find some equipment choices that are eco-friendly. Additionally, there are management strategies that you can implement to reduce your use of Commercial energy.

Geo-Thermal Heat Pumps

One specific equipment choice for an eco-friendly HVAC system is a geo-thermal heat pump. The heat exchange process of a traditional heat pump uses indoor and outdoor air for absorbing or dispensing heat. In a geothermal unit, ground or water sources are used, providing more consistent heating and cooling options on more extreme days. Some units have the option of producing hot water as well, further adding to the environmental benefits.

Refrigerant Retrofit

Older air conditioning systems primarily use Freon as the material to create the heat exchange for cooling your business. Because of the dangers Freon poses to the ozone layer, it is being phased out of use in HVAC systems. However, many consumers still require a supply of the material for recharging levels in their existing equipment. A simple retrofit can be handled to evacuate and reclaim Freon while replacing it with a non-ozone-depleting product.

New HVAC Systems

Modern designs are more efficient, facilitating better use of electricity and natural gas for heating and cooling needs. Energy tax credits provide added incentives for consumers to choose high-efficiency systems. Lower operating costs also factor into many consumers’ decisions to upgrade. While efficient equipment may be somewhat more expensive to purchase, the financial benefits of lower energy bills can be realized in the initial months of use.

Hybrid systems are especially popular for areas that experience moderate but not severe winter conditions. Heat pump efficiency can decline as temperatures move into freezing levels, and a furnace provides better efficiency in this case. However, mild heating needs are better handled by a heat pump. The hybrid system manages heating based on outside temperatures, providing heat via the most efficient source for the day’s conditions.

What Consumers Can Learn from Green Companies

What Consumers Can Learn from Green Companies

Green companies have a lot more to offer than eco-friendly products. They also have information that is a key element in the progress towards a more ecologically sustainable planet. Knowledge and facts are the two most important elements in understanding our Earth and how we can make changes to become better stewards on the planet. Additionally, knowing more about how green companies and green energy help the planet can also influence you in other areas as well.

For example, one thing you learn from green companies is (more…)

The Most Efficient HVAC Systems for Your Home

My best friend is a new homeowner, and since she knows that I, like her, pride myself on being an environmentally conscious individual, she turned to me for help in deciding on the right HVAC system for her new home. I didn’t want to let her down so I decided to do a little research on my own and to share with you what I found…

I was surprised to learn that the HVAC system that is chosen for her newly built home will eventually end up using more energy and money in the long run than any other system (more…)

How to Hand Wash Clothing to Save Energy

Using a washer and dryer on a regular basis can lead to higher energy bills. By hand-washing your clothes, you can cut your energy usage by nearly 20 percent. Not only can hand-washing save you money, but your clothes will also stay brighter for a longer period of time.

To hand-wash your clothing,start by filling a tub or sink with warm water. Certain clothes may require cold water so make sure to read the tags carefully. Once the tub has filled with water, add 1/4 cup of detergent. You can use either powder or (more…)

The Best Alternatives to Using a Clothes Dryer

If you’re looking to go green, one of the best ways to start is by avoiding the use of a clothes dryer. Clothes dryers use up a lot of energy and this can have an impact not only on your wallet, but on the environment as well. There are quite a number of alternatives to using a dryer if you need to get your clothes moisture-free. One method is the tried-and-true method of using a clothesline. The clothesline is attached outside your home and can hold dozens of garments at once. On warm and sunny (more…)

Inexpensive Window Coverings that Save Energy

Save energy now by changing up you window coverings! Sheers, drapes, and venetion blinds do not measure up. The newest trend for the least cost is room darkening shades and drapes. They have a heavy vinyl-like backing to seal in the heat (and cool) and seal out the weather. Traditional window treatments allow the wind and cold temperatures to enter your home. By using the vinyl backed shades and drapes, cold air is trapped between the glass and the vinyl, keeping your rooms toasty or cool, as the seasons (more…)

Choosing The Right Brand For Your Green Oven

When in the market for a new oven there are many green options and brands to consider. Fortunately, there are standards that now exist to help people determine if their appliance choice is a green option that will be energy efficient, saving them money over the life of the appliance.

Energy Star is a government-backed program that helps consumers choose products that will be energy efficient. By looking for the Energy Star logo on your oven appliance, you can be sure that the appliance meets the strict standards for energy efficiency. The Energy Star (more…)

The Choice Of Going Green And Who It Affects

Going green, which means a policy to promote environmental health, is one of the most important decision that any person or business can decide to make. The conscience decision to enact policies that protect our environment’s fragile ecosystem is a necessity in the modern world. An excess of pollutants can destroy our beautiful planet and affect the air that we breath.

The choice of going green should be considered by everybody. Since everybody breathes the same air, it is only logical that everyone would be concerned (more…)